Janet Horne Cozens

Janet Horne Cozens


Multi-media Artist

Printmaking, Painting, Mixed Media


My art is evolving on a daily basis through exploration of medium and technique. Although I like the abstract and try to let the colour and form dictate the end product, there always seems to be a representational element to my works, usually based on nature - flowers, animals, oceans, seasons, etc.


Many of my works are "happy accidents", which took on a life of their own during the creative process. I have learned that planning something out in my head does not always translate onto paper or canvas in exactly that way, but is instead the starting point for something that has yet to reveal itself to me.


These days I find so many artists work from photographs, and they  achieve remarkable degrees of realism. I do use photographs as reference material, to study how the petals of flower  are shaped for example, but I prefer to work from sketches done in real life, whether it be people or plants. I therefore refer to my images as "interpretations" of objects and people, rather than representations. You will have to use your own judgement as to whether or not I have caught the essence of the subject without presenting an exact image.



Janet Horne Cozens

July, 2016


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